Educational Facilities

“Your library is your paradise” – Desiderius Erasmus

Inspired by the above lines N.E.S. has been successful in launching a well-equipped library providing a wider scope to imagination and empowering the minds of the students to broaden their horizon of knowledge. At New English School, we have a well maintained two storey Library. There are approximately 7000 books on various subjects. Our school library is quite spacious, with a good reading room. A proper library schedule for each class ensures that learners drink deeply of this fountain of knowledge. We motivate our students to become great companions of books and be voracious readers. The subscriptions of major dailies, weeklies, magazines, and associated reading resources keep the learners well informed of current affairs and contemporary issues both in the world of academics and the world at large. Many reference and resource books are also available for the teachers. This helps the teachers to update their knowledge and use it innovatively and effectively.

‘Atal’ Tinkering Lab

In this globally and digitally interconnected world, all learners, from cradle to career, need new skills and knowledge to succeed. To empower our students with 21st century’s essential skills, NES strives through Atal Tinkering Lab to foster curiosity, creativity and Imagination in young minds and inculcate skills such as design mind-set, computational thinking, adaptive learning, Physical computing, and rapid calculation, measurement, etc. for developing their personal and professional skills.

Co-curricular Pool

In harmony with NES’ vision of moulding a learner into a holistic person, our pedagogy caters for the moral, spiritual, social, physical and mental needs of our students. It is our conviction that school should be the cradle where students learn values of respect, love, compassion, humility, empathy etc., which will help them to discover the good in them and see the world through a prism of optimism and sensibility. To materialize this ideal, we, at NES, provide a myriad of opportunities through the various activities and clubs enlisted below:

Multi- Sensory Approach

The classrooms at NES are equipped with the contemporary digital learning system, making education 'fun and learn' experience. Our qualified teachers along with this modern learning methodology together, make learning at NES a wonderful experience.

Science Lab

Our up-to-date Science Lab is a place where students get to experience science hand-on. With well-placed apparatus and equipment necessary for students to perform all their experiments with ease, our Science Lab makes learning science an elevating experience.

Computer Lab

Keeping an eye on the latest trends in education, technology and progressive learning methodologies used in today's world, we at NES have created two well-resourced air conditioned computer labs, with a set-up of more than 100 latest configured systems, hi-speed internet connectivity and strong back-up system. Multimedia facilities with LCD projectors are also installed to enhance the overall learning experience.

C.C.A. Competitions

  • Recitation
  • Elocution
  • Debates
  • Quiz
  • Olympiads
  • Writing
  • Various Clubs

  • Reading and Literary Club
  • Eco Club
  • Heritage Club
  • Social and Integrity Club
  • Health and Wellness Club